plain head 2_edited_edited.jpg

Silver plain head

A plain, shiny, silver-coloured tack that is nickel-plated.


Umbrella head

A shiny, brass tack with an umbrella-look head and gold and black colouring.

daisy head_edited.jpg

Daisy head

A matte, bronze tack with a daisy-head.

parasol 2_edited.jpg

Parasol head

A shiny, silver-coloured tack with an imprinted design that is nickel-plated.

crumple 2_edited.jpg

Crumple head

A matte, brass tack with an imprinted design and gold colouring.


Gold plain head

A plain, shiny, gold-coloured tack that is brass-plated.

Tacks are used to secure the twine border around your work - these are our most popular options. 

More options available on request -  email if you can't see what you're after here.