How do I tell you which colour cotton I want used?

COTTON COLOURS Because each work is made specifically for you, you choose the colour/s of cotton used in your unique work. TACKS Tacks are used to secure the twine border around the edges of your work, and there are a few different options to choose from. DESIGN You can also choose whether 'Sprouts' lean left or right, whether 'Hearts' are joined or seperate and any specific design elements in our Custom Shapes range. Once you have purchased your work, get in touch at woodnailsandcotton@outlook.com and let me know which colours you would like used in your work, which tacks you would like used to secure the twine border, and any design elements you want incorporated. Make sure you quote your order number in your email (you will see the order number once you have completed payment). If you don't see what you need in the 'Colours' section of the website, get in touch at woodnailsandcotton@outlook.com and we can create something unique and meaningful for you.

Why are some products not able to be shipped outside of Australia?

Some of the works are larger than the international parcel size limits set by Australia Post, so they are available for domestic (within Australia) shipment only.

What products do you use?

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) timber (pine). Steel nails. 100% cotton Hemp/jute twine Tacks are made from bronze, brass or nickel plated.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

After online purchase, the next step is to get in touch via woodnailsandcotton@outlook.com to tell me which colours and tacks you would like me to use in your work, as well as any unique design elements you would like incorporated. I will reply to confirm the colours, tacks and design and give you an estimate date of postage. Your work is usually on its way to you in less than 1 week + delivery time.

Will my order look exactly the same as it does on the website?

Each piece of timber is different, with its own unique knots and grain. Each nail is hand-hammered, and each work is strung with cotton in a unique way. Your work will look very similar to those shown on the website, but because it's a unique, hand-made product, there will be small differences.

Can you represent multiples (twins/triplets/etc)?

Yes. Twins and other multiples can be represented as joined hearts, positioned close together, within the 'Heart Collection'. They can also be represented as double, or triple buds/sprouts within the 'Sprout Collection' and the 'Branch Collection'. The 'Custom Shapes' range has almost unlimited possibilities.

What types of tacks can I choose from?

The small details in the finishing tacks make each work really come together. Tack options can be selected from the following designs: - Daisy Head (bronze) - Umbrella Head (brass) - Crumple Head (brass) - Parasol Head (nickel plated) - Silver Plain Head (nickel plated) - Gold Plain Head (brass/brass plated) Images of each tack are available in the 'Tacks' section of the website.